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The Amish of Lancaster County

Amish of Lancaster County PA

Lancaster County is well known for it's Amish population and visitors never tire of traveling the backroads through the beautiful Amish farmlands to learn about the history, traditions, and charm of the old order Amish. No matter how many times you've been here before, there's always something new and interesting to learn and see throughout the Amish farmlands. A visit to Lancaster County just isn't complete without an Experiential Amish Tour. Tours can be customized just for you; from a 3-hour tour to a multi-day Amish experience. Call us to plan your Amish Tour in Lancaster PA.


Religions of Lancaster County

Religions of Lancaster County

Lancaster County is rich in the history of many religious sects. You can learn all about the history of the Moravians, Ephrata Cloisters, Mennonites, and Quakers and visit historic religious complexes. If you're looking for an inspirational experience, the Chalk Talks and storytelling by a local artist is an experience that everyone loves.



History of Lancaster County PA

Did you know that Lancaster, PA was once the capital of the United States? The area is rich in history that helped shape our nation. Lancaster City has beautiful historic churches with amazing examples of architecture and gorgeous stained glass windows. Lancaster is also home to former president James Buchanan and many visitors enjoy touring his homestead. There are underground railroad sites throughout the County that weave together the role that Lancaster played during the Civil War. Visit the Cameron Estate, homestead of Simon Cameron who was Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War. Rockford Plantation was home to Edward Hand, an officer under President George Washington. Lancaster is also home to Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat. Just outside of the area, you'll find an original iron furnace where cannon balls were made during the Revolutionary War. There is so much history to explore in PA Dutch Country!



Farming in PA Dutch Country

The farmlands of PA Dutch Country boast some of the richest, most productive agricultural soils in the world so agriculture plays a major role in the area's economy. Learn the history of local farming at an historical PA Dutch Village, tour a modern dairy farm and watch cows ride the automated milking carousel, visit an Amish Hydroponic Farm where vegetables are grown without soil, visit an Amish gourd farm which is one of the largest gourd producers in the country, and learn how local produce is preserved at the Cannery and Canning Kitchen.


Other Areas

Things to do in Lancaster County, PA

Take a ride on the historic Strasburg Railroad, visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum and the Toy Train Museum. There's no shortage of attractions for railroading buffs! Twist your own pretzel at America's first pretzel bakery, learn about the history of chocolate making at a Chocolate Museum, learn all about North American wolves and see them up close at theWolf Sanctuary, visit an ice cream musuem and create your very own ice cream sunday, sample wines at one of several vineries throughout the countryside, visit a watch and clock museum and learn about time pieces from the beginnning of time, take a tour of the many covered bridges in the area. These are just a few ideas... there's so much more to discover in PA Dutch Country!



shopping in lancaster pa

Shopping is everyone's favorite past time and there's no shortage of opportunities in Lancaster County! Two outlet malls feature a wide variety of brand-name merchandise at deeply discounted prices. You'll find unique local crafts, food, and fresh produce at Farmer's Markets. Don't miss the opportunity to see the world's most exquisite hand-made quilts at Amish Quilt and Craft Shops, sample homemade soft pretzels and root beer and pick up local craft items at Amish Roadside stands. Baskets and crafts fill the warehouse from floor to ceiling at the Basket Warehouse and you'll find craft supplies for every interest at the Flower and Craft Warehouse. A favorite destination for visitors is Kitchen Kettle Village... a quaint little village filled with unique shops and eateries. You can shop til you drop in Lancaster County!


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