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Lancaster County Tours

Lancaster is best known for the large population of Amish people, but there are many other interesting things to see and do in Lancaster County.

Did you know that Lancaster was once the capital of the United States? Lancaster is rich in the history that helped shaped our nation and there's much to see and learn on a Lancaster City tour. Visit the home of President James Buchanan, learn about the Underground Railroad and how places within the city and the countryside served as a refuge for slaves escaping to their freedom in the north.

Many different religious sects settled in the Lancaster area during the colonization of the states: Amish, Mennonite, Quaker, Moravian, and Cloister. Each one has its roots in Lancaster County and a fascinating history all its own.

Quilters will enjoy seeking out country shops offering extraordinary hand-made quilts, fabrics, and quilting supplies.

Railroad enthusiasts can take a ride on the oldest steam locomotive in the nation, visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum, and visit toy train displays and collectible shops.

You can visit America's first pretzel bakery in Lititz and try your hand at twisting your own pretzel. Lititz, consistently voted as one of the top 10 small towns in America, also offers a chocolate museum, a wolf sanctuary, and a quaint downtown area bustling with unique shops.

Shoppers can search for unique treasures in country shops or look for bargains on brand name merchandise at the outlet malls.