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Student Tours

Lancaster, Hershey, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia ~ A Great Destination for Student Trips!

We customize our student tours for your group so that students of all ages can Learn a Lot and Have a Lot of Fun Learning!

Students can try their hand at twisting their own pretzel as they learn about America's first pretzel bakery. They can climb to the top of a silo while learning about modern dairy farming. They can tour an Amish dairy farm and contrast the difference between high-tech dairy farms and Amish farms. They can learn about steam generated railroad cars and take a ride on America's oldest short-line railroad. They can learn about the traditions and history of the Amish and have an opportunity to meet with Amish folks and ask them questions. They can visit a wolf sanctuary and learn how this species of wild life is being preserved. They can visit a miniature horse farm, a camel farm, and an Alpaca farm. They can go on factory tours and "see" how things are made.

There are so many more options for student group activities. We'll help you choose the best activities for your students based on their ages and interests.